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Council Negeri Monument

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HOT Spots

Public Library

In 1975 Bintulu was just a fishing village however local authority had put education as priority and set up a library in a wooden house near to air port as shown below.

The first library in Bintulu

During that time, the library only had very basic facility with minimum staff and not many books, mainly Chinese and English books. Owing to the development in Bintulu this wooden building gave way to construction of parking lots. And library was shifted to the then council building. From then on, with the influx of population and further development in Bintulu, the library had improved with quality and quantity in books. Readers population had increased as well.

To provide better reading environment for local people, the authority has builded a new modern and air-conditioned library behind the Civic Centre. It has started operation since May 2001. Now it has about 30,000 readers' members (as at 28 June 2001). Currently, it has about 330,000 books.

The new modern and air-conditioned library


Kampung Jepak

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Take a short ride in Bot Tambang (river bus) and meet the fishermen community at the nearby fishing village across the Kemena River. You will be surprised to see the traditional feature and lifestyle of the Bintulu Melanau such as fish drying, manufacturing of the renowed Bintulu Belacan (shrimps paste), Cencaluk (salted shrimps) and sago processing are still very much alive. The sight will bring you back to the nostalgia of the old Bintulu as a fishing village.

Council Negeri Monument
(The Birth Place of the Sarawak Legislative Council)

cnmb.jpg (12860 bytes)

A retrospective walk down memory lane. On this site, a centenary stone was erected in 1967 and furthur improved in 1987 with a clock tower and fountain to commemorate the centennial of Malaysia's first and oldest state legislative assembly metting when in September 1867, an inaugural gathering of five British officers and 16 local chiefs of various races was held there. This historycal event was convened by Charles Brooke, the second white Rajah of Sarawak.

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centenary stone at Council Negeri Monument (1967)

Pasar Utama & Pasar Tamu (Market Place)

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Mingle and join the locals doing their daily chores at the unique Pasar Utama and the nearby Pasar Tamu (with cone shaped roofs reflecting "Bintulu Terendak"). Right in the hub of Bintulu Town, the Pasar Utama is both a wet and fish market under one roof. Not only that, you can savour the local delicacies such as "mee jawa, rojak, laksa and cencol" and quench your thirst on the first floor's food stalls.

A taste of local offereings can be found at the Pasar Tamu. From wild & jungle products to native "home-made" specialties. Pasar Tamu has them all!

Pasar Malam (Night Market)

A bargain spree night market is just a walking distance from most of the hotels in town. This peculiar carnival like scene is a nightly affair at the Medan Pasar Malam, Jalan Kampung Dagang. With over 150 stalls, you can take a pick of the numerous cheap and affordable items like garments, toys, electrical goods and watches. Even food, drink, vegetables and wild products are all there.

Bintulu Mosque

mosque.jpg (23512 bytes)

A walk up to the mosque is truly a spiritual experience. A man made cascading waterfall adorned by beautifully crafted fountains enhances the tranquility of the mosque. A structurally modern, uniquely designed and yet maintaining its intrinsic spiritual values, the mosque proper is a reflection of what Bintulu truly is. Landscaped with beautiful plants and flowers to please the eyes, it was named "Masjid Assyikirin" or Gratefulness to God.


Kuan Yin Tong Temple

Another spiritual building is the Kuan Yin Tong Temple of Bintulu. Situated at KM 2, Jalan Iskandar you will be fascinated with the grand design of the temple. Skillfully crafted with quality workmanship. The rock garden courtyard, man made waterfall and dragon fencing are the peculiar features of this unique temple.

Tanjung Batu Beach

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As the name implies, is your perfect retreat for sun, sea, sandy beaches and fun. For additional comfort of your outing, changing and wash rooms are available. For a break in home cooking, you can visit the food and drink stalls nearby. Barbeque pits are available for use by picnickers and campers. It's indeed an ideal spot for family gathering. Or else, enjoy the sunset and sea breeze in the evening while you jog.

Taman Tumbina

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A zooligal and bontanical park gives a glimpse of the flora and fauna. Situated on a 12 hectare site at the Tanjung Batu Coastal Reserve about four kilometers from town centre, the park is no doubt a source of living heritage with educational and recreational values. Its setting on a hill top overlooking the South China Sea and the Bintulu Town is surely a sight to behold and definitely not to be missed. Feast your eyes with a first hand view of the State's official bird, the Horbill; the fearless eagles; the orang utans' the flamingoes'; the only tigers and lions in Borneo' crocodiles; pythons and many more. And stroll through the matured gardens and walk-in aviary along the way. Feel the freshness and cleanliness of the environment.

Similajau National Park

Take a 20 minute drive along the coastal road from Bintulu Town and enter the Similajau National Park, once a remote and unknown place is now transformed into a tourist attraction in this energy town. Covering an area of more than 7,000 hectares, the park offers you one of the most beautiful and unspoiled golden beaches in the country and home to over 850 species of birds and 24 varieties of mammals. For overnighters, basic facilities such as chalets and hostels are available. A Forest Department's information centre is there too to assist visitors.

Taman Pertanian Sarawak
(Sarawak Argricultural Park)

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A 50 hectare park located adjacent to the Sibiew River about 15 minute drive from Bintulu Town. Here you can ogle over 20 types of wild plants, an array of orchids, 77 species of fruits, and flocks of sheep, just an experience to remember by. Snug yourself comfortably in the rustic charm of an all belian (ironwood) amphitheatre and experience walking along the hanging pedestrian bridge within a preserved and enriched tropical jungle. Other recreational features include playgrounds, boating in man made lakes, fishing and horse riding.

Industrial Look Out
(Bintulu Industrial Zone)

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You may take a view of the nerve centre of industries in Bintulu, the world's largest liquidified natual gas complex, the world's first Middle Distillate Synthesis Plant, the urea/ammonia plant, the power stations and the crude oil terminal as well as an overview of Sarawak's sole deep sea port, The Bintulu Port Harbour. All these places can be seen from one location on the hilltop "Industrial Look Out Tower" in Tanjung Kidurong. At night, the lighting of the whole area is fascinating. It gives a feeling as though you are watching the landing on an Unidentified Flying Object!


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Eating out is definitely Malaysia's growing trend. And not discounting what Bintulu has to offer. You can savour the sumptuos local ethnic dishes of Malay, Chinese or Indian origins in our food outlets or night stalls. Or go for the usual continental cruisines at any of the popular hotels and restaurant. One good top, try the "umai", raw fish marinated in lemon, chillies and onions, a Melanau traditional delicacy. You can take 2 KM drive to Pantai Ria stalls to enjoy the delicious food amidst the cooling sea breeze, an alternative to home cooking. Or alternatively, walk a few steps to the Pasar Utama Bintulu to have a glimpse of Bintulu Town as well as the Malay/Melanau Kampung across the river while enjoying your meal.