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Council Negeri Monument

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Bintulu's popularity as a business and tourist centre has led to the mushrooming of affordable and comfortable accomodation from the luxury of a three star hotel to the fundamentals.

Hotels/Inns Address Telephone no. Rate/night
Plaza Hotel Taman Sri Dagang 086-335111 RM156-RM1515
Li Hua Hotel Berjaya Commercial Centre 086-335000 RM75-RM85
Regent Hotel Kemena Commercial Centre. Tg. Batu. 086-335511 RM63-RM104
Hoover Hotel Keppel Road 086-337166 RM75-RM86
ParkCity Beverly Hotel Plot No.1, Lot 3062, Jalan Tanjung Batu, Bintulu 086-318 888 RM242
Royal Inn Pedada Street 086-332166 RM69-RM115
Sunlight Inn Pedada Street 086-332577 RM50-RM55
Sea View Inn Taman Sri Dagang 086-339118 RM45-RM50
New Capitol Inn Pedada Street 086-332152 RM30-RM50
National Inn Medan Sepadu 086-337222 RM38-RM40
Garden Inn Taman Sri Dagang 086-339399 RM45-RM60
City Inn Taman Sri Dagang 086-337711 RM43-RM47

Rates are expected to change without prior notice.