Travelling By Bus

Sunday, 05 October 2008 08:00 Editor

From Sibu to Kuching ..

Recent use of bus transport between Sibu and Kuching gives me the impression that Bus companies are providing two drivers for each trip. Occassionally, you might have one 'F1 driver' rushing all the way (especially when the bus was half an hour late) but as a whole it is acceptable.

The only thing that the authority needs to pay attention is public toilets are closed at night making mid-night travellers hard to find toilet especially in Serian and Sarikei. Travellers had no choice but to  'ease' in nearby bushes. If you want to locate proper toilet you have to go a distance and find it in petrol shop in Serian.

Night travelling is cooler but remember to bring extra warm clothing or jacket and don't forget a hat to cover your head from ceiling air-cond which could be too cold for you.

Bus fare is RM40 one way and RM60 for return. The trip will take 7 hours or less depending on weather and condition of bus.

Happy travelling!