Book Your Bus Ticket Online

Monday, 15 November 2010 09:45 Editor

You can now book your bus ticket online at a big discount but ......


Biaramas is now providing bus ticket online booking at RM4 and RM10 one way but you need to create an account online and pay deposit out front at their office after creation of your personal account. The deposit is about RM80 and it will be used to pay for online booking. When you buy ticket directly at their office you are paying RM40 one way (Sibu - Kuching journey now could be more than RM40).

To good to be true? May be you are right, as some say RM4 and RM10 seats are located at the back of the bus - meaning you are going to 'enjoy' rocky journey all the way.

If you are interested just click HERE to visit their website, may be you should call them to find out whether it is true lousy seat given.