Another New Year For Malaysia

Saturday, 01 January 2011 00:23 Editorial

The New Year is here, another year of good planning ahead or another year of ups and downs for Malaysia? No-one can say for sure.

But if we look at what had happened in 2010, we might see more uncertainty in 2011 especially when 2011 is a 'state election' year. Would we see more volatile situation in politic and undesired racial tension? I hope not. But with selfish people employing religion for the sake of political purpose we have to prepare ourselves mentally for more surprises.

It is sad to see after more than 53 years of independence, we are still talking about 1-Malaysia concept as if it is a new concept ignorant of the purpose of formation of Malaysia. The suggestion of a must-pass of History subject did not go down well with public opinion. Despite the claim of 1-Malaysia concept self-interest based on race is never removed from the 1-Malaysia concept making the 1-Malaysia concept nothing but political gimmick.

Malaysian have been told of the importance of two-parties system like those in western countries but when it comes to application of the very concept we tend to treat such concept differently denying the need of balance of political power. Malaysian wish to see such balance of power to be realized to minimize abuse of power and indifferent of people needs.

Happy New Year, Malaysia!