Welcome to New Inside Sarawak

Wednesday, 15 December 2010 23:04 Editorial

Yes, we have One Million visitors today and as promised a new Inside Sarawak is now at your service. With the new engine and design we hope to introduce more features gradually.

Next year will be an eventful year for Sarawakian with State Election as the main event deciding the future of Sarawak therefore we will be very busy reporting and reposting relevant news or information here.

Sarawakian have been waiting for better deals all this while and some promises had been made by leaders and yet local people are still waiting for good news. Hopefully, the waiting will be over in the next few months.

With the price increase of petrol and gas and subsequently increase in daily needs of public have brought some dissatisfaction to the public. May be it is the effect of international changes but people would expect saving should be done across the board irrespective of rich or poor; public or government. People voiced against Million Ringgit if not Billion Ringgit to be spent on weaponry while Malaysian have to make ends meet. Is it logical to go on with the space program which doesn't bring any benefit to Malaysian and yet spending Million (or Billion?)  Ringgit for it? While Malaysian have to learn how to survive with limited resources after subsidies of important commodities removed by Malaysian Government?

Life is tough but life must go on.

God bless Malaysia.