Online TV causing streamyx problem?

Saturday, 25 December 2010 12:16 Software

It was said that netizen using streamyx to watch online tv program causes streamyx performance. It could be true as when I share my streamyx with friend through wireless connection and his computer ppstream tv software 'pulled' the band width that I could not download or upload any file.

Recently, I was informed that Telekom Malaysia is trying to block the online tv station and some of my friends trying to find solution for the same problem. It seems that onl;ine tv software really the cause of all internet problem.

For those who wants to try the ppstream tv software please click below to download. But be warned before hand that ppstream software may embed certain code or scripts in your computer registry which is hard to remove. During installation please deselect option which has nothing to do with ppstream software.

PPSTREAM Download link(Please beware of the risk!!!)

Another tv software called xunlei can be download from the link below, again there could be embedded script/code in registry making it hard to remove. Use it at your own risk, deselect options during installation:

XunLei Download link (Please beware of the risk!!!)

Want more? Another two here. Again use it at your own risk!!!

Fushion Download Link (Please beware of the risk!!!)

PPTV Download Link (use it at your own risk!!!)