IT’s Baggage

Thursday, 16 December 2010 14:37 Editor

Nimish Dubey   (IT Magz)

“Good morning, sir. I’m afraid I have to ask you to open your bags before I let you proceed. ”

“Yes, of course. I understand. Security is most important. Here you go.”

“Thank you very much for co-operating, sir. That is a lot of gadgets you have in there. “
“Yes, indeed. You do need a lot of devices to get around these days. It’s the age of convergence, you know.”

“Well, I can see your laptop, but what about the others?”

“Oh, that is my portable hard drive. I use it to back up the data on my laptop. You can never be sure when things could go wrong. And right next to it is my PDA with its wireless keyboard. Just in case the laptop has a bad day, you know.”

“Very wise, sir. And that small packet?”

“Oh, it contains my memory sticks. You know, I use one to back up my contacts on my phone, another to back up the images on my camera and my phones, and yet another for storing the really essential stuff on my computer. And that second hard drive backs up the information I have backed up on my card.”

“You also seem to have two extra phones, sir.”

“Well, yes, that is necessary. I mean, I have two phones – one for the enterprise and one for personal use, and well, what if something goes wrong with them? You need to be constantly connected these days.”

“But sir, what is in that rather large pouch?”

“That is the spare battery for my notebook. I mean, what if I am stuck at the airport with no access to a plug point? I believe that you can never have too much battery back-up. Right next to it is my e-book reader. Reading paper books and newspapers is so old-fashioned now!”

“All this is making your bag pretty hefty, sir. What is in that particular package?”

“That is my external Blu-Ray drive. My notebook only has a DVD drive, you see, and a lot of my international clients end up giving me Blu-Ray disks. Now, I cannot really go and buy a new notebook just for that feature, so… well, I had to buy one. They cost quite a bit, you know. The package also has my digital camera—13.2 megapixels with a 19.9x optical zoom. You will find the lenses for the camera in a small bag in the corner of the case. Oh, and there is my portable media player—I thought I had misplaced it. Good! I can use it to watch some films.”

“There are some more memory cards here, I think, in this side pocket…”

“Oh no, those are not memory cards. Those are data cards, for different networks. The small one is for 3.5 G, the slightly larger one for old dial-up networks, and the third one is actually a Wi-Fi adapter in case the hotspot I am in does not support the Wi-Fi version my notebook has. The packet next to that has an optical mouse and my portable scanner and printer. Fortunately, they are all wireless..”

“But there do seem to be a lot of wires in the bag…”

“Yes, of course. Those will be the chargers of my four phones, the camera battery charger, the notebook charger, the media player charger, the e-book reader charger and the cables to connect the Blu-ray drive, my camera and my back-up hard drive to my notebook.”

“Isn’t that rather a lot to carry, sir?”

“Nonsense, my dear fellow. We have never had so much information and so many devices to access and disseminate it with. I can take pictures, access e-mail, browse the Web, get traffic directions…you name it.”

“If you say so, sir. What about the rest of your luggage?”

“Rest of my luggage? That bag is all I am carrying. Do I look like the kind of person who would burden himself with unnecessary stuff? This is the age of convergence, after all.”