Bintulu - Industrial Look Out

Monday, 15 November 2010 11:35 Editor

Bintulu Industrial Zone -
You can find world largest here .....

Bintulu Industrial zone

You may take a view of the nerve centre of industries in Bintulu, the world's largest liquidified natual gas complex, the world's first Middle Distillate Synthesis Plant, the urea/ammonia plant, the power stations and the crude oil terminal as well as an overview of Sarawak's sole deep sea port, The Bintulu Port Harbour.

Bintulu Industrial Zone

All these places can be seen from one location on the hilltop "Industrial Look Out Tower" in Tanjung Kidurong. At night, the lighting of the whole area is fascinating. It gives a feeling as though you are watching the landing on an Unidentified Flying Object!