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The dawn of a cloud PC?

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Source: Malaysiakini -

Oon Yeoh

(View expressed here is solely the opinion of the source)

You've probably heard the phrase "cloud computing", which has been around for some time now. You might even know that it refers to software as a service delivered through the Internet. But have you ever considered hardware as a service too?

Sounds bizarre? Well it's happening. Google last week unveiled the Chromebook, a cloud-based PC featuring the company's brand new Chrome operating system.

It's aiming to do what Linux and Apple have thus far failed to do, which is basically to replace Windows as the operating system for your PC.


Back-up made easy with Drobo

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Source: Malaysiakini -Oon Yeoh (View expressed here is solely the opinion of the source)

Late last year, after I visited the UK to work on a couple of judo book projects, I had to bring back a whole bunch of judo demonstration and contest photos.

I thought DVDs were the way to go and asked the photographer to burn the pictures for me. But because his pictures were in TIFF and RAW formats and he had thousands of photos to pass me, I ended up with far more DVDs than I expected.


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