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Sibu: 2010 Flooding Near Sarawak House

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(Sunday, 22 August 2010)

Just a heavy down pour and this is what you get:

back of Sarawak House

Back portion of Sarawak House


Another back portion view


Behind Sarawak House and adjacent to "Palace Cenema"

In front Mc Donald

This is next to Premier Hotel

Water Everywhere

Water every where = money everywhere?

Traffic in water

Traffic moving in water, what a sight!

water bus?

Water taxi?

Water proof cars?

Water-proof cars? Vehicle workshop might have good business next few days.

traffic jame and flooding

Traffic jam and flooding

It was said that the flood is caused by silting at Rejang River . People urged the relevant authority to dredge the river sand. However, unconfirmed reason given for not doing the sand dredging was "sand dredging will bear not fruitful result as silting is a on-going process". Some smart guy argued that we do not have to brush our teeth every day as it will get dirty the next day. By not brushing our teeth we could save on tooth paste as well as water. Another smart guy argued on the same logic."Why you eat your lunch and dinner today? You will get hungry again later why not stop eating from now on?"

So if you don not want to become one of smart guys, please start dredging the Rejang River sand.


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