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More than Phishing ...

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If you receive email with the following header or similar header, please delete it:

Kamal Hosni Mubarak Son of Former Egyptian presidents

It is just an email sent by cyber criminals trying to get you greedy so that you will give them your money for free.

The email was sent from which I believe is disguised email address which is likely untraceable when you want to find out more.


The content of the email is trying to get your interested and become greedy:

My name is Barr.Hamza Hamden a confidential legal adviser to (Kamal Hosni Mubarak the Son of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak) who was Ousted from office on the 11/02.2011 which brought political turmoil for Weeks in Egypt before he resigned on the above date.

Now the family is under house monitoring by the present military head of new Government and their properties are being taken over by the government hence He advised me to contact anybody who can help him receive a huge amount of Money and use it for loan and investment at zero percent interest for Ten Years while 10% of the funds will be used to help the orphanage, charity and People of Haiti/southern Sudan/Africa.

For more details of what happened visit this web page for details.

The total amount is $50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million US Dollar) only and has been deposited in four different security vault in Indonesia and as soon as I hear from you then we shall secure vital legal Documents that will back you up to receive one part of the funds but you keep all arrangement very confidential because this is for your eyes only to avoid any blackmail.

Can you please get back to me urgently if you are capable of investing
this fund for any profitable ventures in your domain, contact me for
further explanation.

Best Regards,

Barr. Hamza Hamden
Jakarta, Indonesia.

The criminals are smart and they are  using posted news to make you believed that what said in email are true. Pass this article around to friends and inform them of this trick.

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