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Sibu: Borneo Cultural Festival 2010

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(Thursday, 15 July 2010)

Beauty in Ethnic Diversity  16 - 12 th July 2010

If you are looking for reason to visit Sibu Town also known as Swan City now is the time to plan for your trip.
Borneo Cultural Festival


Bird Eye View


Beside cultural shows as usual, there will be Food Fair, Calligraphy Competition, Singing Competition and etc.

BCF Site Map

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The Details is as follows:

Date Activities
16/7/2010 (Friday)

Food Fair and Cultural Street Launching
Lion and Dragon Dance / Folk Dance

Entertainment By Guest Singers
Elocution Contest (student category)
Oratory (Bebiau) Contest (Student Category)
Kuntau Contest (Student category)

Silat Benrama
arian Ramapian Kaswari
Zikir Barat Rentak Gawaris
Boria "!Malaysia"
Tarian "Zapin" Remix Dance
Tarian "Modern" Remix Dance
Tarian "Tebuka" Kaswari
Tarian "Poco-Poco" Asli Remix Dance
endang Melayu

17/7/2010 (Saturday) 

Calligraphy Competition
Mandarin Stage Opening Ceremony

Entertainment By Guest Singer
Opening of BDCF
Ajat & Betaboh Competition
(Student category)

Upacara Pembukaan Rasmi Pentas Melayu /Melanau
Persembahan Kumpulan Gerenek Melayu


18/7/2010 (Sunday)

Children Singing Competition
Drawing Competition

Showcase Gawai Teresang Mansau Celebration
Cultural Games Jointly Organised By SDNU Sibu Branch
Entertainment By Guest Singers
SDNU Sibu Br. Cultural Night of BDCF
Ajat (Men & Ladies) & Betaboh Competition (Open categories)
Beramban & bebiau Competition

Persembahan Kumpulan Gerenek Melayu
Pertandingan Nyanyian Oleh Peserta 1 Hingga 8 Peringkat 
Pertandingan Nyanyian Oleh Pemegang TempatPertama
Persembahan Band Jemputan
19/7/2010 (Monday)

Traditional Drama Performance
Wu shu / Folk Dance

Entertainment By Guest Singers
Orang Ulu Night of BDCF

Persembahan 8 (Lapan) Buah Kugiran Tempatan

20/7/2010 (Tuesday)

Comical Talk Competition
Wu Shu / Folk Dance

Entertainment By Guest Singers
Bidayuh Night BY BDCF
1st Round Kumang Contest

Persembahan Pembukaan (Tarian)
Lagu Era 50-anHingga Kini Dan Lagu Melayu Sarawak Serta
Lagu Melanau
Pertandingan Oh Jejaka
Lagu Wadah BCF

21/7/2010 (Wednesday) 

Act anf Guess Competition
Wu Shu

Entertainment By Guest Singers
BDCF Cultural Performances
1st Round Keling & 2nd Round Kumang Contest

Nyanyian Solo
Poco - Poco 1
Joget Kurik Kundi
Tarian Daripada Saudara Kita
Mari Bergendang Melayu

22/7/2010 (Thursday)

Eating Contest
Traditional Dance

Entertainment By Guest Singers
Grand Finale of BDCF
Showcase Cultural Performances
Final Keling & Kumang BDCF Contest

Muzikal - Tabah Melanau
Pertunjukan Pakaian Tradisi "Melanau"
Poco -Poco "Versi Melanau"

23/7/2010 (Friday)

Chinese Chess Competition
Traditional Games

24/7/2010 (Saturday)

Chinese Chess Competition
Embroidery Competition

25/7/2010 (Sunday)

Traditional Competition
Lantern Riddles


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