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Sibu: Rice Wholesalers Protested Against Bernas

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Friday, 06 June 2008 (The Borneo Post)
Sibu Bernas sold subsidised rice to their 'anak syariketor special son' at RM1,450 while RM3,330 per ton to wholesalers.

Members of Sibu Rice Wholesalers Association will stage a peaceful protest as they aim to get their message on rice shortage through to the relevant authorities.

With patience running thin and the lack of transparency on rice distribution reaching new heights, they view the peaceful protest as the only way to solve rice shortage woes in Sibu Division.

It Chairman Yeo Keng Teck, speaking at a press conference yesterday afternoon, said the peaceful protest would start at 10am in front of BernasOffice at Jalan Lanang.


"We appeal to all the rice wholesalers, including members of the public, to turn up in full force to support the peaceful protest. We have been hardpressed being at the mercy of Bernas and we feel that something must be done to solve the rice shortage in Sibu," he added.


According to Yeo, Sibu Bernas had sold subsidised rice to their 'anak syarikat or special son' at RM1,450 per metric tonne and RM3,330 per metric tonne to all other rice wholesalers effective June 1. Worse still, they were told to sell the rice at RM2.80 per KG and that would force wholesalers to make a loss of RM500 per metric tonne.

Yeo was puzzled as towhy Bernas had to ressort to sell the 5% Super rice to 'anak syarikat' at RM1,450 and to other wholesalers at RM3,330.

"We are using the same license to sell rice. Why the double standard?" he queried.

"Because we refused to get the supply from Bernasm that explain why the shortage of rice in town," he said rice shortage, coupled with the spiraling fuel prices has been the talk of the town forthe past weeks.

Yeo said it was not all gloom if Bernas practised transparency and allowed other rice wholesalers to get the supply at cheaper rate.

"Be considerate to us and to the people in general. There is actually no shortage as the whole problem lies with the right pricing. The only way to solve the woes is through Bernas," he said.

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