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Old Oya Residents Seeing Red

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(Tuesday, 20 March 2007) Sibu Old Oya Road Is Under JKR?

Sibu Municipal Council informed publics of its plan to increase assessment fee on Sibu propertie starting this year. However, residents of Jalan Old Oya, Sibu (Old road to JPJ and RTM is branched out from this main road) are seeing red with roadside grass and drainage system not serviced by Sibu Municipal Council for almost three months.

Old Oya Road

Residents there called Sibu Municipal Council but were told that the road is now under JKR and requested resident to call JKR (Tel: 084-314040). Residents called JKR at least twice to complain about long grass but up to now nothing has been done.

Old Oya Road

Residents want to know whether they should pay assessment fee directly to JKR this year?



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