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Sibu - Food - Ding Bian Hu

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Another Foochow Dish you must try ....


Ding Bian Hu is another Foochow dish noramlly taken by foochow as breakfast or supper.

Dinbianhu ingradients
(Picture and contents - copyrighted by Thelex Dot Com)

It is cooked by the following method:

About two scopes of pre-prepared meat-bone soup to be poured into heated wok. Apply oil to the side of the wok followed by one scope of rice starch solution to be applied in thin layer on the side of the wok. In a few minutes, the rice solution will be cooked and removed to the centre of the wok. Apply oil to the side of the wok and pour another scope of rice starch solution to the side of wok again. Remove it to the centre when it is cooked. Continue to boil and at the same time add in squid, fried onion, edible black fungus, sliced fish balls, sliced cooked pork meat. chopped spring onion, salt, fish soup and vei-chin. After boiling them for about three to five minutes, the mixture will be transferred to a big container and it is ready for the customers.Normally, pepper and vinegar are added to the DING BIAN HU before eating.


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