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We reproduce here an email supposed to be release PRESS Statement of SNAP, please check with SNAP to confirm the accuracy of the information:

For immediate release

Date: 2nd April, 2011


SNAP is proud to announce that its 27 candidates are now ready for nomination day on April 6th 2011.  SNAP expresses its regret that till today, 3 days before nomination day, PKR has not commenced negotiations with us on overlapping seats which they may or may not have with the seats for which we had announced our intention to run.

PKR has been given our total list with names of candidates and constituencies. Till today, we have not received their list which makes it impossible for any negotiations to be pursued.

In the absence of the above, SNAP believes that PKR either do not have any overlapping seats with SNAP or they have decided that they do not want to negotiate this matter in order for an opposition electoral pact to be a reality. We have been promised that PKR would have announced their decision on Thursday, March 31st. However, they had postponed it to Monday, April 4th. SNAP finds it difficult on a last minute basis to accommodate any administrative and logistical changes.

SNAP has stayed away from the Malay/Melanau and Chinese-majority constituencies out of our serious intent for an electoral pact, even though our members have expressed a desire to contest in these areas. SNAP does not have any problem with DAP and PAS and will urge voters, in constituencies we do not contest, to give their full support to these two opposition parties.

It is sad that an opposition electoral pact, something of utmost importance, is treated in a lackadaisical manner by PKR. It is becoming apparent that PKR does not want an electoral pact with SNAP at all.

Nevertheless, SNAP is still hopeful in spite of the stated difficulties, that PKR and SNAP will find an amicable accommodation.

God bless the people of Sarawak.

Sarawak National Party (SNAP)

# # #

Parti Asal Bansa Sarawak

SNAP Headquarters, Rubber Road, 
93400 Kuching, Sarawak

phone: +6082 230 659



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