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How to make cancer cell dormant?

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Research shows some people having cancer cells in their body but these cancer cells not 'activated' remain dormant without causing any damage to body organs. What could be the reasons behind the inactive status cancer cells?

It has been said that the following food and fruits have contributed to the 'dormant stage' of cancer cells:

1. The 'yellow ginger powder' in the curry food

Yellow Ginger
2. Red Chilli

3. Ginger (ginger oil)

4. Green Tea

5. "Big Bean" (抗癌成份是「異黃酮」)

Big Bean

6. Tomoto (抗癌成份是「茄紅素」)

7. Grape (抗癌成份是「白黎蘆醇」)

8. Onion (抗癌成份是「硫化物」)

9. Cabbage 高麗菜(抗癌成份是「indole」)

10. Broccoli 花椰菜(抗癌成份是「硫化物」)

Therefore, it is worthwhile to add the above food and fruits to your 'food chain' to stay cancer-free.

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