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Haze comes and goes

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Life goes on .....

Joke 1 : "Sorry Boss, I was late this morning becos' of the haze."
(Ha! Now I have a good excuse for being late.)

Joke 2 : "I could not finish my work on time becos' the haze affected my mood." (BUT the mood to chit-chat with my colleagues is still good.)

Joke 3 : Medical expert advised in one local radio interview : "Children playing outside in the haze? Well, children are in better health so it is o.k. for them to play outside (???). Anyway, normally they just play for 2 to 4 hours a day outside their house."

Joke 4 : The department concerned informed: "We will take action when the haze situation becomes worse." (Local newspapers responsed : "Why wait?")



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