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China Game Servers Game Card Available

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If you are playing China Servers Games, it is time to reload the game points to make your game characters stronger and powerful.

China Servers Games


Online Game (China Server)

Boyaa Bycard / 博雅卡 (CN)

Boyaa Bycard (CN) 1000pt           231.00

Boyaa Bycard (CN) 100pt             29.00

Boyaa Bycard (CN) 600pt             146.00

Boyaa Bycard (CN) 800pt             194.00

China Unicom / 联通一卡通 / 中国联通 (CN)

Lian Tong Card (CN) 50     RMB MYR    47.00

Lian Tong Card (CN) 100   RMB MYR   91.00


China Mobile / 神州行充值卡 / 中国移 (CN)


Shen Zhou Card (CN) 50RMB MYR 47.00

Shen Zhou Card (CN) 100RMB MYR 91.00


Duo Duo Card / 百田网多多卡 (CN)


Duo Duo Card (CN) 10RMB MYR 11.00


J Card / 骏网一卡通 (CN)


J Card (CN) 10RMB MYR 11.00

J Card (CN) 30RMB MYR 28.00

J Card (CN) 50RMB MYR 45.00

J Card (CN) 100RMB MYR86.00


Ju Ren Cards / 巨人一卡通 (CN)


Ju Ren Yi Ka Tong (CN) 30 Yuan MYR 27.00


Kingsoft Card / 金山一卡通 (CN)


Kingsoft Card (CN) 15RMB MYR 16.00

Kingsoft Card (CN) 30RMB MYR 29.00

Kingsoft Card (CN) 50RMB MYR 46.00


Kong Zhong Wang Card / 空中网一卡通 (CN)


Kong Zhong Wang Card (CN) 10RMB MYR12.00


QQ Coin / 腾讯Q (CN)


QQ Coin (CN) 50RMB MYR 46.00

QQ Coin (CN) 60RMB MYR 55.00

QQ Coin (CN) 100RMB MYR 89.00


Qu You Card / 趣游一卡通 (CN)


Qu You Card (CN) 10RMB MYR 12.00


Ren Ren Card / 人人一卡通 (CN)


Ren Ren Card (CN) 10 Yuan MYR 11.00

Ren Ren Card (CN) 30 Yuan MYR 26.00

Ren Ren Card (CN) 50 Yuan MYR 41.00


Shanda Game Card / 盛大一卡通 (CN)


Shanda Game Card (CN) 50RMB MYR 45.00

Shanda Game Card (CN) 100RMB MYR86.00


Shi Ji Card / 纪天成卡 (CN)


Shi Ji Card (CN) 1000pt MYR 88.00

Shi Ji Card (CN) 100pt MYR 12.00

Shi Ji Card (CN) 200pt MYR 20.00


Sou Hu Card / 搜狐畅游一卡通 (CN)


Sou Hu Card (CN) 300pts MYR 16.00

Sou Hu Card (CN) 800pts MYR 37.00

Taomee Card / 淘米网米米卡 (CN)


Mi Mi Card (CN) 10RMB MYR 11.00


Tian You Card / 天游一卡通 (CN)


Tian You Card (CN) 100 Yuan MYR 83.00

Tian You Card (CN) 15 Yuan MYR 15.00

Tian You Card (CN) 50 Yuan MYR 43.00


Wan Mei Card / 完美一卡通 (CN)


Wan Mei Card (CN) 15RMB MYR 16.00

Wan Mei Card (CN) 30RMB MYR 29.00

Wan Mei Card (CN) 100RMB MYR 88.00

Wan Mei Card (CN) 50RMB MYR 46.00


Wang Yi Card / 网易一卡通 (CN)


Wang Yi Card (CN) 15RMB MYR 16.00

Wang Yi Card (CN) 30RMB MYR 29.00

Wang Yi Card (CN) 50RMB MYR 46.00

Wang Yi Card (CN) 100RMB MYR 88.00

Wo Niu Card / 蜗牛一卡通 (CN)


Wo Niu Card (CN) 10RMB MYR 12.00


Zhan Wang Card / 战网一卡通 (CN)


Zhan Wang Card (CN) 15RMB MYR 16.00

Zhan Wang Card (CN) 30RMB MYR 29.00


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