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Telephone Scam Using Bank Telephone Number

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It was reported in today's Sin Chew that Hong Leong Bank Bhd's telephone number appeared as caller's number in scam cases in May 2017. Some lost their money in the process and police has advised public to call Banks and police station to verify instead of believing in callers and part with the hard earned money.

Conman pretended to be from Hong Leong Bank


Public should never click on link in email disguised as email from bank telling you that your bank account as problem asking you to click and reset bank account link and key in your user id and password to proceed.

After receiving that type of email call the bank branch near you or visit the bank to verify. This should prevent any conman from getting their hands on your bank money.

When you receive phone calls on your bank account problem asking you to send money or whatnot. Do not act harshly but visit your local bank branch to find out the details.

Always check with your local bank branch.




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