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Powerless SMC?

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One Sibuian by the name Clarence amazed after reading this article, SMC declares that council has limited powers when it comes to stopping residential houses being turned into industrial. Clarence reckoned it is like telling the public to go ahead to use their house for other purposes and neighbors have to take their case to the police, and wondering what penal code they can cite , "public nuisance".

Clarence felt that if SMC feels so powerless, then they should have recommended to the local authority ministry to change the law long ago unless the council only wants to push the problem to other authorities. 
Clarence would like to suggest to SMC that they can charge that house with industrial/commercial rates, with daily penalties or even caveat the house until the law is changed. 
Clarence said "Don't let the neighbor suffer in silence, take positive action asap to change the law for the public's benefit."

I Love Sibu commented:
It is happened at Jalan Oya Lama (Main Road) behind Daesco (Star Mega Mall) too with 2 containers and metal in the semi detached house compound and outside the compound too. SMC better tells us whether it is ok as many would like to do the same to turn their house into something like that to earn extra income during this hard time. Yes or No?

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