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Samsung Galaxy 3 Will Be Unpacked Early Tomorrow Morning

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The new Samsung Galaxy S3 will be unpacked and revealed to the whole world at 7pm in UK. It seems that the wait is over and we will now the details of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone by 2 am Malaysia time..

Will it be Windows or Android based OS? Are we going to get 12MP camera, Android 4 OS, Quad core CPU and GPU, 32GB Internal memory and 2GB RAM and 4.7 " screen? What colors available?

Rumours on Samsung Galaxy S3 surfaced now and then to keep us on our toes on the possible specification of the new smartphone. Some suggested that leaked information tells White and blue color will be available.

But as long as the specification is similar to HTC One X with additional improvement on camera (for example 12MP or better) the wait is worth the while.



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