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Dare-Devil - Para-Trooper

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Since Yesterday, Sibu people and those from Central Sarawak are attracted to the activities at Wisma Sanyan, the tallest building in Sarawak. The main eye-catching activity is para-trooper a jump from the top level of Wisma Sanyan and landed gracefully at Phase I of Sibu Town Square.

Today from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm they will do some more 'jumping' out of Wisma Sanyan. Tomorrow night will be their last performance/stay in Sibu. If you have not witnessed the jump don't miss the chance go now or tomorrow to Wisma Sanyan, Sibu. Parkson also giving discount on selected items up to 70% discount before closing down for renovation and upgrading to Parkson Grand (If it is correct). Families visiting Wisma Sanyan are surprised by 'jumpers' williness to take photo with them. One thing good is they prepare their parachute inside Wisma Sanyan at level 1 so that Sibu people will know it is not a simple thing to make a jump, a lot of preparation work is needed and you could only trust yourself when come to preparing your parachute.

This time, they are 23 'jumpers' from different countries - USA, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Netherland and etc.

Managed to capture two jumps by video and will upload to youtube later.

News on the jump has been reported by Borneo Post:

BASE jumpers in spiritual realm before displaying their skills

Peter Boon (The following article reported by the reporter, Peter Boon in Borneo Post)

(Click on picture to view full size)

SIBU: A ‘miring’ ceremony was held yesterday to seek blessings for the 23 BASE jumpers to ensure their safety when leaping from Sarawak’s tallest building.

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) Sibu executive Rudy Anoi said the ceremony was initiated upon the request of the jumpers.

“They wanted a local ceremony and they felt the ‘miring’ ceremony was most ideal. The traditional ceremony is performed to seek blessing for the jumpers so that they will have safe jumps,” Rudy told The Borneo Post.

BASE is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which a person can jump namely buildings, antennae, spans (bridge), and earth (cliff).

Rudy also saw tourism potential in the ceremony given that it is part of the Iban culture and customs.

“In fact, when visiting longhouses, tourists are enticed by this traditional ceremony, besides the dazzling ‘ngajat’,” he added.

The ceremony carried out at 9am was participated by Sibu Resident Sim Kok Kee, team leader Captain Aziz Ahmad, technical head Australian Gary Cunningham and the jumpers.

At 9.30am, Sim, accompanied by Sibu police chief ACP Shafie Ismail, Pelita Towerview Sdn Bhd engineer Tony Hii, and others flagged off the nail-biting event.

Ahmad Zaharuddin Zainuddin from Malaysia made the first jump.

He was carrying the Jalur Gemilang and waving to spectators in the air.

Seconds after Ahmad Zaharuddin’s touchdown, US-trained computer engineer Hizam Sahibudeen (Malaysia) leapt into the air, carrying the state flag as the huge crowd cheered on.

Australian Aaron Chalk came next, also carrying the state flag, and landed gracefully on the massive Sibu Town Square Phase I.

Earlier, Sim, who is the organising chairman of the event, stressed that Captain Aziz and Cunningham were constantly going through safety measures with the jumpers.

“Jumpers will be folding their own parachutes instead of leaving them to others for safety reasons. In such an extreme sport, time is of essence as there is no second chance to get things right,” he said.

The jump, now into its third year, started on Thursday and will end tomorrow. It is organised by Sibu divisional tourism task group (STTG) in collaboration with various government agencies, and supported by Ministry of Tourism and Heritage.

This year recorded the highest number of jumpers at 23, hailing from Australia, USA, Netherland, Austria, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Meanwhile, on the last day of the jump, jumpers would be brought to experience the local of life at Bawang Assan Homestay Programme.

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