2016 Reunion At Paramount Hotel

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The first dish - hot plate tasty and yummy

Since last reunion dinner in 2011, all of us had been waiting for the next reunion in 2013 but owing to many constraints it could not materialize. At last with the effort of Nelson and other buddies we managed to have the reunion this year on 3rd April 2016.

 Group Photo - 2016 reunion

With all of us scattered all over the world, it makes organizing work a tough job to handle. Fortunately, most of us cooperate with Nelson and gave firm confirmation so that he could confirm with the restaurant to minimize any unnecessary wastage.

Group Photo - 2016 reunion

It is a happy and emotional reunion, to some, as some of us didn't meet each other since leaving Methodist Secondary School. It is obvious that when looking back student life was the most enjoyable time we had.

friendship rekindled



Having a good time


Birthday cake for those born in the year of  Moneky

Sisters meet up

Another group photo

Some are still on the "missing" list. We know where they are but we hope they could come to our next year reunion dinner on 3 April 2017 decided during this year reunion. Hopefully more will come to the reunion next year.

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