A Day To Remember

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The dinner gathering on 4th December 2011 was a day to remember because most of us didn't meet each other since 1973, that is a long time ago, about 39 years!



Some of us had changed physically in different ways that we could not recognize each other until we recognize the unique voices of classmates and schoolmates.

Some of us have met frequently but never realized they are schoolmates in Methodist Secondary School.

We all felt that the dinner gathering had really helped us to find each other and we appreciated the chance to meet each other in this warm and friendly atmosphere.

We  regret to note that some of our classmates and schoolmates didn't turn up owing to different reasons and wish they could make it next time. We all miss them.

Some of our teachers came to grace the occasion.  They are Datuk and Datin Wong Soon Koh, Mr.Teng Wan Chiew and Madam Alice Moo. We appreciate their presence and warm greetings and care. We would like to say a big thank you to them.

Nine years ago, we had the first reunion gathering at Tahnamas Hotel, Sibu and we had about 38 classmates and schoolmates and their family members turned up for the reunion.

However, during this 2011 reunion we have more than 60 classmates and schoolmates attended the gathering. We would like to thank various newspapers which have helped us to inform public of the reunion dinner and make the gathering a success.

During the reunion dinner, we displayed the website photo as slideshow on a notebook while some classmates and schoolmates brought along extra copies of class group photo and distributed to those who needed them.

Some finding joys going through the photo slide show while others participated in karaoke singing.

Karaoke session showcased the creative side of our classmates and schoolmates and  at the same time brought back old memories.

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