2011 Re-union Dinner Gathering

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Reported By: Arthur Sim]

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The reunion was a success beyond words, over 60 of our school/classmates attended the dinner. We were very much honoured with the presence of our former teachers,Datuk and Datin Wong Soon Koh, Mr.Teng Wan Chiew and Madam Alice Moo and also with the attendance of our classmate Dato Mortaza Nazarene and his spouse.


Everybody were so happy to see each other after so long and some even for the first time since we parted back in 1973.We all had a good laugh over the physical changes in us,especially the lady mates.Food were aplenty and delicious. The Karaokeing was fantastic, never could imagine that so many of them can sing so well.All of us really have had enjoyed the wonderful evening....... after continuing the singing more of the oldies till the restaurant come to a close, we decided to call it a nite.

Many thanks to Patrick Tan Tiong Pan for his generous contribution to make this reunion a success. Also to Nelson Ng Sie Seng, Arthur Wong, Lau Hin Chai, Chiew Tiong Kee for working so hard all these while and to all those school/classmates who make the effort of attending to make it happened. Thank you!

Thank you to all our beloved teachers (Datuk and Datin Wong Soon Koh, Mr.Teng Wan Chiew, Mdm Alice Moo and to those who are unable to be with us last nite)  you all have had taught us well, for without all your dedicated guidance we would not be what we are today. Thank you all again. Looking forward to seeing all of you in the next reunion. Have a wonderful day!

Arthur Wong comment:

Nice to see so many classmates and schoolmates met up and shared their joke and experiences. Physical change might not make us realized those around us are schoolmates/classmates until the reunion dinner. Many thanks to Patrick Tan for sponsoring the dinner.

This dinner gathering photo will be uploaded later as soon as I could get them.