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A place with natural beauty that you can be proud of

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Front gate of Junaco Park

Junaco Park is situated at about 16 Miles Jalan Oya. The park has attracted many people from Sibu, Sarikei, Bintangor and other towns and cities of Sarawak.

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The unique bridge crossing  the middle pond

The park is a long term project of Datuk Ting Ing Mieng, opened up for public visiting only recently. The entrance fee is RM1.00 per person.

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Beautiful view of the first pond

Four units of wooden houses are in the first pond. One for living room, one for kitchen and the last two for residential purpose. The first pond water level is the highest which will overflow into the next few ponds.


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Ready for a boat ride?

The second pond is a recreation centre where you can rent a boat and row around with your dearest. Safety first - Life jacket will be provided.

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Close-up of the first residential house in the first pond

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The lane that leads you to the other side of the pond and also separates the ponds.

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What a beautiful sight! Mountain and trees reflected in the water with blue sky above!

The park itself has about five ponds in the middle surrounded by mountains with staircases going up all these mountains. Mountain climbing is one of the attractive activities in the park; especially when you can see the full view of the park at the top of the mountain while enjoying your snack.

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The park has this type of fish known as "Huge Dragon Fish" but smaller in size.

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The park has different kind of fish, from tilapia  to "huge dragon fish". Some are for sale.



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What are these cute little animals? Yes, you are right! They are deer.

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The park has goats, turkey, small white mouse, small pig, deer, birds that will talk and whistle to you, and many other attraction for you to explore youself.


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